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How To Inject Marinade For Deep Fried Turkey

Injecting Techniques

The marinade injector is a large syringe with a needle attached to a plunger which is used to inject the marinade deep into the turkey.

Injectable marinades are basically the same as regular marinade except the ingredients are finer, so as to pass through the needle of the injector without clogging. Unlike marinade soaking methods that only penetrate about ¼ inch into meat surfaces, marinade injection pushes the flavor deep inside the meat. Rubs can also be used to flavor the surface of the meat.

Using the proper technique to inject the marinade will result in superior results. Inject the marinade uniformly throughout the turkey with as few punctures of the meat as possible.

What You’ll Need For CAJUN

  • Marinade Injector
  • Creole Butter Injectable Marinade
  • Creole Seasoning Rub

How To Inject Marinade

Marinade Injecting Tips for turkey start with limiting the puncture holes.  Do not pull the needle completely out of the puncture hole unless to reload with liquid. Use the same hole to angle into the other areas of the turkey, slowing as the needle moves back toward the skin. Spread your injection pattern so as to get small amounts of the marinade in as many places as possible. Occasionally, some of the liquid is likely to spurt out on the surface of the turkey. Rub the flavoring over the surface of the turkey and then rub and season the surface of the turkey as desired.

  1. Lightly coat the rubber plunger with oil prior to using. Attach the injector needle to the plunger chamber. Do not over-tighten.
  2. Determine the amount of marinade required (we recommend 1.5 to 2 ounces per pound of meat) and measure out contents into a clean container to prevent contamination of unused marinade. Discard any marinade that has come in contact with injector.
  3. Pull the plunger to draw marinade into the injector. Both holes in needle should be immersed in the liquid to prevent air from entering the injector chamber.
  4. For best results, Use one point for three injections, one deep and straight needle track as well as two additional tracks at approximately 45 degree angles branching out from the original injection point. (See illustration 1A).
  5. Inject each breast and thigh with a full injector of marinade. (see illustration 1b)
  6. Inject each drumstick with a full injector of marinade.
  7. inject-1a

    Use One point for multiple injections


    Insertion points for injector

  8. Once inserted deep into turkey, press the plunger down while slowly pulling the injector needle out of the meat to ensure even distribution of marinade. Follow the same procedure with each needle track at each insertion point.
  9. Sprinkle the outside of turkey with Seasoning Rub
  10. Continue to>> Deep Fry Turkey Instructions

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